The Usual Human Dimension

By observing the human evolution phases, I try to catch “moments” which show certain interesting characteristics.

From birth, maturity and old age, humans experience actions and feelings, concepts and words, all of them transmitted through the body and the face.

Our body is like a box that contains the intimate substance of a being human. Or, more appropriately, our substance chooses to manifest itself through a certain body-form.

Each body is an entity of form not meditated but complementary, that manifests itself through precise rules of equilibrium.

Nature shows that in the world there exists an intimate sub-structural language, made of elementary forms, in which purity is at the base of universal expression.

This sensation, which I could define as “intuition”, is demonstrated in the historical field, by the study of the human history and its traditions.

Such studies seem to reveal a common intention to all civilizations through the centuries, that is to establish a contact with the interior being, or, in other words, the communication attempt with a Divine Entity or Superior Nature; manifestation of Cosmos in the Earth.

An Harmony form found by the Chaos ending.

The city gives evidence, seen by an anthropology point of view, the civilization identity.

The studies of cosmogonic cities, the oldest evidence of community aggregation, proves that the choice of the physic area where the city is built, its orientation with respect to cardinal points and the placement of civil houses and sacred sites, follows information transmitted by the Cosmos, by the blue Sphere, i.e. a medium of communication between human being and Divinity.

The same characteristics refer to the graphic code, the architectural projects that we know as Renaissance “IDEAL CITIES”, in which it is possible to find several elements, that can be re-elaborated into a new city project!

The graphic elements which is possible to find in all civilization architectures, differently elaborated are:

THE CIRCLE- THE SQUARE- THE LOZENGE- THE POINT- THE CENTRE, whereas the semiological study of terms such as: CITY-COSMOGONIA-COSTELLATION-FORTRESS-LABYRINTH-OMPHALOS-BELLY BUTTON-CARDINAL POINTS-TIME, demonstrate that a strict connection exists among their historical and symbolic meanings, and their constant repetition through time.

Many architectural elements of medieval cities are inspired by the strategic arrangement of ancient Rome war camps; like diverse identification attributes of Mid-East cities, are source of inspiration and knowledge for Western civilizations.

In the light of this whole discussion, it is possible to emphasize the fact that the places where we live in nowadays: cities, small towns, Sacred places where we practice our faith, monuments which testify our Past, are all jointed in Space and Time through ancient ties of historic traditions, which suggest a possible past in which the human being expressed itself through a unique archaic language.

According to the book “The Ancient Cosmogonic Cities”, whose author is G. Della Pergola, “…a long season is imaginable in which mankind had a unique universal archaic language, that showed itself under the form of a ‘primordial Diaspora’ through ideograms and pictograms, almost identical everywhere…”

This époque is perhaps repeating itself in the Present, reading the construction structures of places where we live in, and forms through which we express ourselves; as well as in the research of forms in Nature.

Questions that can stimulate a fruitful discussion could be:

1)   Does the Past repeat itself in the Present even though languages change their appearance?

2)  Do the standard features, which are related to the repeating of historical events, constantly express themselves through the same forms?

3)  Can civilizations, apparently different from one another, communicate through a unique language made only by symbols?

Considering the fact that we are living in an Era in which many dynamics are changing their course, where the balance swings towards a new equilibrium, and where new generations live a Time jump without having the chance to metabolize changes from the Past to the Present; it would probably be possible to find a new common language, which is not submitted by races, sexual or origin differences. This language could represent a new and, at the same time, a very ancient equilibrium which could offer people a renewed sense of peace.


The Meaning of the Number Three

Three is the first odd number, since One is not considered a number, Three is deeply active and possesses a great energetic strength. It is a symbol of conciliation for its unifying value. In fact, as much as Two separates, Three joins.

Three is the first number of harmony, the solution of dualistic conflicts, and it is for this reason that it is considered a perfect number. Three opens the road of mediation and allows the discharge of antagonism, overcoming the partial and oversimplified vision of dualism, since two elements cannot be reconciled without the aid of a third element.

Ancient people saw in the number Three the symbol of perfection. Dante based the poetic structure of the Divine Comedy on the number Three and its multiples.

In Christianity the number Three assumes a double meaning, one of the “divine family”, made up of Mary, Joseph and Jesus; the other one of the Trinity, in the persons of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

A reference to the number Three is also seen in the Moon, in fact it is described as triplex: full, dark, or half, metaphor of life, death and rebirth.

Three also are the Fates, the Furies, the Graces and the Magi Kings.

Triplex is the Time span from Past to Present and Future, triplex the base of the generative principle that from the union of the masculine and the feminine originates a new being.

Three is universally a fundamental number. It expresses an intellectual and spiritual order, in God, in the cosmos or in man. It synthesizes the triplex unity of living beings.

Three are the Kingdoms: Vegetable, Animal and Mineral.

The three anthropological levels of the individual

At first sight, humans introduce themselves as a paradox, since they embody the coexistence of three levels: physical-biological, psychic and spiritual. The VEDA tell us that the last one is the true dimension of the subject, but while one is incarnate, one must take care of one’s own body and mind, and naturally of the self.

Every living being is in fact a spiritual being, in Atman Sanskrit, who has at its disposal two interconnected and interdependent bodies: the physical and the psychic; the greatest part of the problems arise when, taken by a sort of hallucination, the being identifies itself with them.

This error provokes a whole series of confusions, arising precisely by the exchanging of the body for the being itself. Con-fusion means in fact melting together non homogeneous things.

The three issues of life: knowledge, behavior and government 






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